Project settings

Apart from the settings available in Django (a complete list is available at, the following list of settings is available:

job_runner.settings.base.HOSTNAME = ''

The hostname of the server.

This value is used for generating URL’s in the notification e-mails.

job_runner.settings.base.JOB_RUNNER_ADMIN_EMAILS = []

A list of e-mail addresses of the Job-Runner admin(s).

This list will currently be used when a job failed to reschedule.

job_runner.settings.base.JOB_RUNNER_BROADCASTER_PORT = 5556

The port to which the queue broadcaster is binding to.

Unless there is a specific need, you can keep the default.

job_runner.settings.base.JOB_RUNNER_WORKER_PING_INTERVAL = 300

The interval in seconds for sending ping-requests to the workers.

job_runner.settings.base.JOB_RUNNER_WORKER_PING_MARGIN = 15

The time to add to the interval before considering a worker is not responding.

job_runner.settings.base.JOB_RUNNER_WS_SERVER = 'ws://localhost:5000/'

The URL to the Job-Runner WebSocket server.

This should be in the following format:


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